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                                  Note that most fields support Phrase (ABST/"cardboard box"), Proximity (ABST/"cardboard box"~5), Wildcard (ABST/card*), and Leading Wildcard (ABST/*ectomy) queries. Some fields support range queries and math operations. Only basic examples are provided below.
                                  Field Abbr. Field Name Type Syntax Example and Comments
                                  AADR Assignee Address
                                  (complete string)
                                  Text AADR/California
                                  AADR/"Route 66"
                                  ABST Abstract Text ABST/widget
                                  ABST/"titanium steel"
                                  AC Assignee City Text AC/Paris
                                  AC/"New York"
                                  ACLM Claims Text ACLM/"cardboard box"
                                  ACN Assignee Country Text ACN/JP or ACN/US
                                  AGT Agent Text AGT/"Bacon & Thomas"
                                  AGTC Agent Address City Text AGTC/Paris
                                  AGTCN Agent Country Text AGTCN/JP
                                  AGTN Agent Name Text AGTN/smith
                                  AN Assignee Name Text AN/smith
                                  APD Filing Date Date Single Date: APD/1/5/2012
                                  Range: APD/1/1/1790->12/31/2001
                                  Math: APD/NOW-20YEAR->NOW
                                  APN Application Number Text APN/123456
                                  AS Assignee State Text AS/NY
                                  ASEX Assistant Examiner Name Text ASEX/jones
                                  CCL US Class Text CCL/100/50
                                  DN Document Number
                                  (same as PN)
                                  Number DN/6954235
                                  ECLA ECLA Classification Text ECLA/G08B25/10
                                  FOS Field of Search Text FOS/714/100
                                  FREF Foreign Patent Reference
                                  (entire string)
                                  Text FREF/titanium
                                  FREFN Foreign Patent Reference
                                  (number only)
                                  Number FREF/EP0628292
                                  IADR Inventor Address
                                  (entire string)
                                  Text IADR/"main street"
                                  IC Inventor City Text IC/Munich
                                  ICN Inventor Country Text ICN/GB
                                  IN Inventor Name Text IN/smith
                                  IPC IPC Classification Text IPC/A63F13/00
                                  IPCR IPC Revised Text IPCR/A63F13/00
                                  IS Inventor State (U.S.) Text IS/ca
                                  ISD Publication Date Date Single Date: ISD/1/5/2012
                                  Range: ISD/1/1/1790->12/31/2001
                                  Math: ISD/NOW-1MONTH->NOW
                                  KCOD Kind Code Text KCOD/b1
                                  OREF Other References Text OREF/titanium
                                  PARN Parent Case Text PARN/704,848
                                  PARN/"application Ser. No. 704,848"
                                  PCCL Primary Class Text PCCL/702/100
                                  PD Publication Date Date PD/12/08/2009
                                  PEX Primary Examiner Name Text PEX/smith
                                  PN Patent Number
                                  (same as DN)
                                  Number PN/6954235
                                  PRICN Priority Country Text PRICN/FR
                                  PRIN Priority Number Number PRIN/83711
                                  PRIR Foreign Priority Text PRIR/9/16/1990
                                  PT Document Type Text PT/PP

                                  Possible values:
                                  U (Utility)
                                  RE (Reissue)
                                  D (Design)
                                  PP (Plant Patent)
                                  REF US Patent Reference
                                  (entire string)
                                  Text REF/aluminum
                                  REFN US Patent Reference
                                  (number only)
                                  Number REFN/6000000
                                  SPEC Specification
                                  (a.k.a. Description)
                                  Text SPEC/aluminum
                                  TTL Title Text TTL/aluminum
                                  Additional fields are available via our API for commercial use. Please inquire if you would like access to these, and other, fields: Assignee Count, Claim Count, Expiration Date (with term extensions), Family Member Count, Image Count, Inventor Count, Priorities Count, Reference Count, Word Count, Assignment Count.
                                  Number Fields Document Number (e.g. 6123456 | EP1659867) Application Number (e.g. 229911 | EP20000945211)
                                  Common Fields All (e.g. Metal) Title (e.g. "metal detector") Abstract (e.g. television) Claim(s) (e.g. system) Description/Specification (e.g. "hand-held telephone")
                                  Date Fields Filing Date to (mm/dd/yyyy) Publication Date to (mm/dd/yyyy) Foreign Priority (e.g. 07/25/2002)
                                  Classification Current US Classification (e.g. 100/50) International Classification (e.g. G06F019/00)
                                  Inventor Fields Inventor (e.g. Jones Mark) Inventor Country (e.g. JP)      country codes Inventor State (e.g. NY)     US state codes Inventor City (e.g. New York)
                                  Assignee Fields Assignee (e.g. Sanyo) Assignee Country (e.g. JP)      country codes Assignee State (e.g. NY)     US state codes Assignee City (e.g. New York)
                                  References Domestic References (e.g. 5796187) Foreign References (e.g. JP02292118) Other References (e.g. patent law)
                                  Legal/Prosecution Information Parent Case Information (e.g. 10/007,521) Primary Examiner (e.g. Jones David) Assistant Examiner (e.g. Mathew Fenn) Attorney or Agent (e.g. Bacon & Thomas)

                                  Date Range* All years Last 20 years
                                  Word Stemming On Off
                                  Sort Order Chronological Relevancy
                                    * Entering date parameters in the box will override the 'date range' buttons.